01 March 2016

Police Blotter: A Great Disturbance in the, um, Airport

Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress in the middle of the roadway at East Point Road and Ballyhoo Road. Officers contacted three individuals all of whom were intoxicated. None were injured nor wanted to pursue charges.

Caller requested assistance with removing a problem employee from his vessel. Officers responded and assisted in removing the employee who appeared to be having mental health issues. He was referred to people who could possibly assist him.

Damage - Caller reported a 2 vehicle minor fender bender. Officers responded and found that an individual had been pinned between a parked vehicle and a vehicle backing out of the parking area. The individual was not injured.

Domestic Disturbance
Complainant reported a husband and wife arguing in front of the courthouse. The couple were contacted and it was determined that the disagreement had only been verbal in nature and no threats were issued.

Assistance Rendered
A local business requested assistance with a drunken person sleeping in their entryway. The individual was woken and after issuing several choice imprecations, left the area in a taxi.

Domestic Disturbance
Officers assisted in a dispute between a father and daughter. The dispute became physical when the father attempted to enforce the rules of the house. It was explained to the daughter that a parent can use limited force in discipline and maintaining order.

Assistance Rendered
Officers responded to a report of an inebriated individual walking in traffic. The individual was contacted and asked to walk on the sidewalk. He agreed to do so.

Damage - Officers responded to a report of a vehicle hanging off of a cliff. A front-end loader was used to assist the vehicle back onto the roadway.

Welfare Check
Caller requested assistance in preventing her adult daughter from consuming alcohol. The officers advised the caller that there was little that could be done by the police department but that they would attempt to contact the daughter and check on her welfare.

Drunk Disturbance
Officers responded to the airport to investigate a report of an individual urinating in the open phone booths inside the terminal. An overly intoxicated individual was contacted inside the terminal. Although evidence existed to the contrary, he denied relieving himself in public. The individual was escorted off the property and told to return the next day in hopes that he was in a better condition to catch his flight.


Chickenmom said...

Unprintable imprecations? They must have been quite colorful!

Rev. Paul said...

I'm sure they were nearly coherent, too. :)

On a Wing and a Whim said...

So officers responded to hue and cry on Ballyhoo Road?

Rev. Paul said...

It was quite a hullabaloo, Wing. :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

" Officers responded and assisted in removing the employee who appeared to be having mental health issues"

If he is a fisherman, how could they tell?

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, that's a valid question, and one for which I have no reasonable answer. :)