20 March 2016

Seven Inches of Spring

We got seven inches of white fluffy stuff yesterday and last night. So my lovely wife and I have just finished cleaning off the SUVs and clearing the driveway. We even cleaned off the neighbors' two trucks, while we were out there.

By the by, we note that there was about a foot of snow at our new home, this morning. Can't wait!

But there's a wind chill of 13° F., and 93% humidity as freezing rain moves in. Ears and fingers are a bit uncomfortable right now, and hot tea has finished brewing.

Time to warm up. :)


Old NFO said...

Stay warm! :-)

drjim said...

Please be careful in your new commute!

Chickenmom said...

We got lucky here in Northern Joisey - no snow - no rain!

Rev. Paul said...

No worries, NFO, but thanks.

Jim, thank you for your concern. We don't move until May (darn it!) but we'll be careful.

Chickenmom, I'm glad the precip missed you. After the warm non-winter we've had here, some white stuff was welcome. And it's melting already; fortunately, the freezing rain went to the south & missed us entirely.