13 April 2016

Police Blotter: Bonus Edition

An unauthorized dumping of 3” gravel on a public road was investigated. The trail of gravel led to a local company who had taken it upon itself to “improve” the road conditions. Officers made it clear that it was the City Road Department’s job to maintain roads and the 3” rock would have to be removed.

So much for rugged individualism. :)

Caller wished to report a dent that occurred on his wife’s car while she was parked in the parking lot where she is employed.

She works in a parking lot?

Criminal Mischief
After an altercation last night in a local bar the caller reported that on his return to his vessel to find that his iPad was stolen. He suggested that the culprit could be found at the local hotel and he probably had a broken hand.

That would narrow the list of suspects. 

Traffic Crime
A caller reported that a tuck with a “yapping dog” in the back was speeding towards Summers Bay. An Officer located the vehicle and the driver stated he wouldn’t speed with a dog in the back. A speed advisement was issued.

It's so nice to know that he won't speed if there's a dog in the truck bed. What about the rest of the time?

Drunk Disturbance
A brawl was reported at a local bar where it was reported that two men fighting escalated to eight individuals fighting. When officers arrived, the crowd at the bar dispersed. Officer received a report that a man was battered in the face when an Armed Forces Branch rivalry discussion took place. No one choose to press charges.

Let me guess: Navy and Marines? Army and Navy? Notice the common denominator here?  :)

Traffic Crime
A concerned resident reported a white truck driving erratically on Airport Beach Rd. Caller was concerned that driver might be intoxicated. Officer did not find any signs of alcohol impairment and the driver stated that “people in town have nothing better to do than spy on each other”.

Well, sure ... but then where would the Blotter get its material?


Chickenmom said...

Well at least the guy that tried to fix the road wasn't drunk....

Rev. Paul said...

See? Who said the age of miracles is past?