11 April 2016

Police Blotter: Critters of All Kinds

A woman driving on Airport Beach Road reports an eagle flying into her car. Afterward the eagle stood in the middle of the road and appeared to be shaken up.

Local individual reported that he won the bid on E-Bay for a Ford Mustang and had promptly sent $26,000 for payment. He has yet to receive the title or the transport of the vehicle.

A report of a large white dog wearing a blue coat near the Methodist Church, prompted a search by the animal control officer. The officer was able to locate the dog and the owner at the same moment. There was a discussion about the dog being at large.

Drunk Disturbance
Officer assistance was requested in removing a drunken individual throwing a tantrum. Upon arrival the caller stated that the person had left, shortly after her call was placed. Officers followed footprints in the snow leading to a house nearby. They were unable to make contact as no one answered their knock on the door.

An employee of a local bar had admonished two patrons to not drive, but they insisted. Officers located the 33 yo [man] and charged him with his 3rd DUI, and Driving While License is Suspended.

Drunk Disturbance
An officer was alerted that there was a fight at a local establishment. It seems a man was ready to leave and his wife was not. He therefore hit a table forceful enough with a chair to break the table. Management elected to handle the cost of the furniture damages civilly.

Several calls were received letting DPS know that there was a dead whale in the area of the S-curves. This information was passed on and investigated by NOAA Fisheries staff.

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