17 May 2016

Another Hurdle Passed

As part of moving into the new digs, Older Daughter and I had the disassembled components of our desks stacked and staged in the living room. Since the office adjoins that room, it made sense at the time.

But that left us unable to use the living room for much of anything other than a walkway with a couch on one side.  The TV is in the corner near where the entertainment system will be set up, but it was almost hidden from view.

Yesterday morning, we listened to the news while drinking our coffee. At least we could tell by the glow that the picture was on.

We got to that stuff last night, and organized the office; it's the first time we've been able to see all the way across the living room. Turns out there's a fireplace on that far wall. Who knew?



OldAFSarge said...

It's always nice to be able to see the TV and to discover a fireplace.

Hhmm, being able to see the TV may not be such a great thing during the political (silly) season.

Rev. Paul said...

Every silver lining comes with a cloud, eh Sarge? :^)