16 May 2016

Blotter Time: Spring is Sprung

Liquor Law Violation
Officers contacted a man and a woman involved in a drunken argument. The two were separated and advised they were to drunken to go to any licensed establishments.

Welfare Check
Officers responded to assist an individual who had called drunkenly called 911 to report that he wanted to go home.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported a white male dressed in dark clothes lying in the middle of the road in the “X” position with his arms and legs out. Officer responded and contacted a besotted individual in the area who was covered in mud. The individual denied lying in the roadway. He was found to be aware of his surroundings and assisted into a taxi.

Caller reported finding a tiny, cute, and cuddly puppy. The puppy was reunited with its owner.

An officer intervened between two individuals who were in the genesis of a pugilistic encounter. The involved ruffians were separated and sent on their way.

Welfare Check
Caller was concerned about her brother who she hadn’t heard from in several days. The brother was contacted and said he didn’t want to talk to his sister.

Caller, whose job it is to answer the phones at a local business, wanted assistance in stopping an individual from caller and cussing at her. Officers contacted the offending caller who was under the impression that she was calling a residence and that the person answering the phone was in fact sleeping with her boyfriend. When it was explained that it wasn’t a residence and it was the person job to answer the phone, the caller became apologetic.

Noise Disturbance
Caller reported neighbors were having a loud party. An officer responded and found the revelers to be reveling to the bebop beat of a fancy new karaoke machine. The partiers were asked to keep the noise to a minimum.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

"fact sleeping with her boyfriend"

No mention of alcohol being involved. Are you sure that was in Dutch Harbor?

Old NFO said...

LOL, not Dutch... As WSF says. And I heard it was 82 in Fairbanks today! That's a 'tad' warm for up there!

Chickenmom said...

Finding the cute puppy was the highlight of the day!