24 June 2016

"Devoted Dog" Saves Man From Charging Moose

Not all is gloom and doom: here's a feel-good story for the day:

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Every dog has its day. For Terry Kasper’s mixed lab, Ella, that day came early one early May morning.

“I thought my dog had an upset stomach, so about two in the morning I took her outside,” said Kasper outside his South Anchorage home Thursday afternoon.

Terry said it was last month, two days after Mother’s Day, when he took Ella out for a routine walk down Dailey Drive.

“All of a sudden, you hear the crashing right beside the house near the trees and there she is, full speed,” said Kasper.

Kasper came face to face with Alaska wildlife right in the middle of the Oceanview neighborhood; a moose.

“This cow moose comes snorting and spitting, the hair standing up and she’s charging.”

Kasper has run 26 marathons over the years, yet he knew he couldn’t outrun this moose.

“I said Ella, run!... I started to curl up into a ball to protect my head and my insides and I thought I was going to get pounded.” Kasper said.

But then Kasper says the moose took a sudden turn, Ella refused to leave her owner’s side.

“This moose is within 10 yards of me, I lost track of where she was, I thought she was out of the danger zone,” he said. “But she came back, charged that moose and chased her along the fence, that moose was going full speed along that fence."

The incident gives a whole new meaning to man’s best friend.

“That’s a devoted dog and who would have thought a shelter dog, 21 months ago would put her life on the line for me.”

Kasper rescued Ella from a Mat-Su Shelter; two years later she rescued him right back.


Guffaw in AZ said...

But, would a cat do that?


Rev. Paul said...

On rare occasion, yes, but not predictably. And I certainly wouldn't want to count on it...