26 June 2016

Soggy & Slippery

It rained for most of the night, and although it has tapered off to a heavy drizzle, it's still coming down.

The day dawned early, as Younger Daughter borrowed my truck today, but forgot her house keys. She parked the truck and set the emergency brake ... and discovered she couldn't release it. So she rang the doorbell at 0430, to get help.

Not really her fault. One, the location of my brake release is the hood release on her truck, and it was too dark (because of the rain clouds) to see. And two, the handle broke off of my brake release some time ago, and I never replaced it.

Why the truck swap? I'm glad you asked. Her slightly older truck is experiencing some transmission issues, and I offered to keep it today for the testing thereof.

And yep, it's slipping a bit. Plays hunt and seek on steep hills, before settling into an appropriate gear.

Time for a transmission tune-up, methinks. I doubt it's ever had one, and it has the number of miles at which Fords with automatics typically need that service.

It's always something, ya know?


Fiona said...

When i got my first truck with a locking hood I promptly put my extra key in its little magnetic box under the hood....I had done that for a long time....
sigh! The locking hoods must have caused a lot of grief that way!
Good luck with the transmission work.

Chickenmom said...

I kept my Bronco for 13 years until it just got to expensive to keep repairing. Sold it to a junk dealer. A month later I saw it on the road again!

Rev. Paul said...

Fiona, I never had that particular problem, but then I've long carried a spare key in my wallet. Thanks.

Chickenmom, all I can say is, "P.T. Barnum was an optimist." :)