06 July 2016

Because We Need A Laugh...

Headlines from 2018:

* Supreme Court rules that prosecution of criminals violates their civil rights

* Upcoming NFL owners' meeting likely to focus on whether to allow drafting mutants

* Massachusetts executes the last remaining conservative

* Microsoft announces it has perfected Windows 12 so that it crashes BEFORE installation is completed

* Spotted Owl plague threatens northwestern US crops and livestock

* CEO indicted for refusing to bribe Congressmen


Brigid said...

Those are priceless. I still remember catching a flight up to Anchorage years ago to visit a friend wearing a T-shirt that said "out of toilet paper - thank a spotted owl!" (my Dad worked as an accountant in the timber industry after he got out of the air force).

Rev. Paul said...

I recall such t-shirts; it would have gotten quite a laughing response in these parts, I'm sure. :)

PolyKahr said...

Why am I not laughing? Except at the Spotted Owl thing, of course.


Guffaw in AZ said...

I'm certain substituting a spotted owl for TP would be problematic, and painful!
My mind immediately went to the Spotted Owl Helper boxes I used to see at gun shows...


Rev. Paul said...

Wade, perhaps because not every headline is individually funny. I laughed, but only at the absurdity of modern societal norms.

Guffaw, that's good. I don't recall those, but bet it would have been a big seller. :)