05 July 2016

Despite the Morning's News

We didn't do anything special for the 4th, choosing rather to stay home and enjoy our new digs. A person (or persons) unknown, within a 1/3 mile or so, set off some rather large boomers on Sunday night, and then again yesterday afternoon. So we didn't see any fireworks, but sure heard them.
We chose rather to keep working and unpacking things in the garage. We finally have all but 2 or 3 totes unpacked. There is one large car-load of things headed to local thrift stores, and another load of Christmas decorations headed to a local behavioral health hospital, where the kids will enjoy them.
This morning, my wife and I built shelves which now hang all the way across the garage ceiling, along one side of the main beam. They're 32 1/4" deep, with about 14" or 16" of headroom. Most of the empty suitcases, hard-shell rifle cases, and all the spare lumber/trim/flooring for the house is up there.
Then we went out for lunch to a place here in our new town. It wasn't bad, but we've had better, and for less money. Oh, well; you never know until your try.
It has been raining, off and on, since about 9:30 this morning. AccuHunch guesses it'll keep on through tomorrow, and stop raining on Thursday when we go back to work.
Of course. :)


Suz said...

Well, the good thing about the rainy weather is it could help motivate you to finish the last couple of totes. Then, this weekend when the weather is sunny, you will be done with inside stuff and can do outside stuff instead. :)
I'm jealous of your wall of shelves!


Rev. Paul said...

Hi, Suz - welcome! We did pretty much finish the garage today, and when the weather clears, can talk about the yard. The shelves are awesome, by the way; it's worth the effort.