19 July 2016

McHugh Creek Fire Now Threatens South Anchorage

As crews work to protect the Rainbow subdivision, the McHugh fire has ballooned to 500 to 600 acres with more firefighting crews on the way, the Division of Forestry says. 

Two air tankers, multiple helicopters and more than 50 firefighters are battling the blaze, said Division of Forestry spokeswoman Sarah Saarloos. Additional “hotshot” crews are expected and Blackhawk helicopters will likely be staged out of Girdwood with a firefighting command center in South Anchorage.

Crews are working to protect homes in the nearby 17-home Rainbow subdivision, Forestry and Anchorage Fire Department officials are telling KTUU. The flames have advanced about a mile northwest toward Anchorage with the main head of the fire still moving south, according to interviews with Forestry spokeswoman spokesman Lori Wiertsema and AFD Assistant Chief Alex Boyd.

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Now I'm really glad we moved. Our prayers go out to those living in the area, as well as the firefighters and emergency workers involved.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Prayers, indeed.

Chickenmom said...

Fire is a big fear here, too. Praying no one is injured.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Ed - they all help.

Chickenmom, we lose hundreds of thousands of acres (and sometimes more than a million) to wildfires every year. Usually several times what California experiences ... but you'll never see that on the evening news. I pray you don't have any worries this year.