18 July 2016

Police Blotter Time: They Met a Man Who Wasn't There

Assistance Rendered
Caller reported three apparently sober men walking irresponsibly. An officer responded to the area but did not find any irresponsible pedestrians.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Clinic staff reported a man in dark clothing lurking about the rear of the facility. An officer walked around the building and checked that all doors and windows were secure. No suspicious persons were seen.

Welfare Check
UDPS received a 911 call from an intoxicated man who was unable to say from where he was calling. Officers patrolled several areas that might have been the man's location, but did not locate anyone in need of assistance.

Liquor Law Violation
Officer observed an unattended 18-pack of beer in a parking lot near the Harbor View Bar. The beer was disposed of.

And then, things go back to normal:

Drunk Disturbance
Officers responded to a hotel room regarding an intoxicated squatter who had not paid for his room. Officers determined that the drunk had been fired for fighting with his captain, had been given significant severance pay, and had run out of friends who were willing to deal with him. Officers found one last person who was willing to let him sleep in the front yard.

Drunk Disturbance
The intoxicated squatter was seen wandering about in the road and yelling. Officers responded and determined that the man's earlier camping arrangements were no longer suitable. The squatter was provided with contact information for a person who might be able to help him with his problems.


Steve said...

So, unattended beer is a no no. Check.

I'd like to know what is meant by "disposed of." Does put in the trunk of the patrol car qualify?

Rev. Paul said...

Steve, years ago when I was with Smallville PD, Missouri, it meant pouring out the beer within eyesight of those from whom it was taken, and making them watch. A certain pleasure was thereby derived, don'tcha know. But now, and on Unalaska? It's anyone's guess, and you might well be right.

Old NFO said...

Beer is beer... :-) And it looks like a pretty quiet week up there!

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, NFO - and it was a remarkably quiet time in Unalaska, for a change. I'd like to get a peek at the local blotter, just for curiosity's sake.

Chickenmom said...

Ahhh, nothing like sleeping in the great outdoors! 'Hope he had a blankie...

Murphy's Law said...

Maybe this will be the year I go there on vacation and do my best to make honorable mention in the blotter.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Pretty quiet up there, good to see there weren't any part 1 crimes committed :-)

Rev. Paul said...

LOL, Chickenmom - they did say he was "camping". A lot of the homeless in Anchorage have fairly fancy tents & sleeping bags, so it's possible those in Unalaska do, as well.

ML, you keep threatening to go there. Just be sure & take a day locally so we can meet.

Sandy, it was very quiet ... for them. :)