06 August 2016

Now We Know How Long It Takes To Clean the Entire House

We've been cleaning in stages, a floor or two at a time, up until today. For all three floors: 5 hours. Now we know why the one or two at a time was a good idea.

Time for a movie and a late lunch.

Not us, but pretty durned close.


drjim said...

UGH....I hate cleaning house, but with me "retired", and my wife still working, a big chunk of it falls on me.

When we were looking at places last month there were a couple that she said were "too big".

"Who'll clean it?" she rhetorically asked.....

Rev. Paul said...

I hear you loud & clear, Jim. We had that same conversation during our search, earlier this year.

drjim said...

I really liked one of the places we looked at. It was a "tri-level" ranch, which she deemed "The Brady Bunch" house. Had a huge workroom behind the attached two-car garage, and enough room to build a dedicated "Hot Rod" garage.

It had orange shag carpeting in one of the bedroom, and the walls were painted in purple!

Kind of hurt your eyes to walk into that room.

She loved the huge walk-in closets in each bedroom, something she's always wanted, but hated the tri-level design as being "too hard to clean".

Had to agree with her on that one....