08 August 2016

Police Blotter:

Suspicious Person
Caller reported finding a drunken person sleeping inside her car. The sot refused to leave the car until confronted by the responding officer. The caller did not wish to pursue charges.

Welfare Check
An intoxicated individual requested to see the on-call physician at the clinic. Officers assisted in rousing the on-call but the caller was unhappy with the clinic’s employee rotation and requested to see to another care giver, whom was not on duty. When advised that this was not an option, the caller no longer felt it necessary to see a physician and went home.
   Later, officers assisted the individual who again requested to see the on-call physician. The caller apparently was okay with the current employee rotation of the clinic and agreed to allow the on-call to see him.

Public Safety
While assisting on another call, an officer heard a yell for help coming from a residence. The officer was able to determine the location of the disturbance and discovered that the person did not need help but was loudly celebrating her birthday.

Taxi Violation
An on-duty officer observed a taxi driver stop at a liquor store and purchase alcohol. [The driver], 67 yoa, was issued a citation for Purchasing Alcohol while in a Permitted Vehicle.

Liquor Law Violation
Officer contacted two individuals outside of a liquor establishment who were displaying signs of extreme drunkenness. The officer advised the two they were too drunk to enter or remain on any license premises. The two did not agree with the officer’s assessment and argued their point to no avail. They eventually left with a sober friend.

Drunk Disturbance
Officer responded to a report of an unruly taxi passenger who had lost his wallet and was unable to pay. The passenger was able to locate a good Samaritan who both paid his fare and provided him a ride to his vessel.

Welfare Check
Caller reported seeing someone lying in the front of a truck for several hours. Officers determined the “person” lying in the truck was actually a pile of clothes and a reflective vest.


Steve said...

I get the feeling there's a common theme to these stories. I'll probably need more to make a final decision.

Rev. Paul said...

Take your time, Steve. :)

Chickenmom said...

"Sot" - that's a word you don't hear too much of anymore...

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, Sgt. Jennifer Shockley - or whomever composes the blotter these days - has quite a way with words.