21 September 2016

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

The winds, gusty all day yesterday, got serious about things sometime after 10 pm. We could hear the wind in the trees, and a general roar, all night.

This morning, it began to increase. There were some heavy gusts, and driving south into Anchorage was ... well, interesting. The wind was out of the south/southwest, and my truck took some coaxing in order to keep it between the lines.

Traffic was moving generally a little bit slower than normal, but not by much.

AccuHunch says the wind speed is gusting to around 70 mph at home, and Anchorage is experiencing 65 to 80 mph gusts, with occasional 100 mph bursts.

From the local newspaper/fishwrapper:
A major storm with predicted hurricane-force winds moved into Southcentral Alaska on Tuesday evening, causing widespread power outages through Wednesday morning.
Matanuska Electric Association was responding to an outage Wednesday morning affecting 3,300 customers between Wasilla and Willow/Caswell Lakes. The utility late Tuesday reported two small outages in the areas of South Birchwood and Trapper Creek.
The reports did not say whether the outages were caused by wind.
Residents in Fairbanks and North Pole reported power outages Tuesday night that Golden Valley Electric Association attributed to "a fault on the southern end of the Intertie" transmission line, according to its Facebook page.
Homer Electric Association said early Wednesday that power was restored to 649 customers after an outage in Kasilof. Ongoing Kenai Peninsula outages included 75 customers without power in Nikiski and 146 in the Funny River Road area.

We set out flashlights, lanterns, and oil lamps in preparation ... and so of course had no problems. :)


Old NFO said...

That was because you were prepared... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Exactly so, sir.