13 September 2016

The State of Alaska Will Pay You $30K

to move this bridge.

The state of Alaska will pay you $30K to move and maintain this historic bridge

The historic 1930s bridge, left, stands next to a temporary bridge constructed in 2003 over the Iliamna River. (Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities)
On a narrow gravel road nearly 200 miles from Anchorage, an 80-year-old bridge spans the Iliamna River. And if you want it, it's all yours.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is offering $30,000 for anyone up for removing and maintaining the historic bridge before construction on a new structure begins in 2018.

"The bridge is in a remote location and is available as-is," the DOT wrote in a public notice announcing the offer.

The 181-foot-long, steel-truss bridge spans the Iliamna River, about 3 miles from Pile Bay, said Ray Williams, owner of Pile Bay Fuel.

As in much of the state, no roads connect the communities on Iliamna Lake to the main highway system. But the 15-mile road connecting Pile Bay to the coastline is a hugely important shortcut for both communities in the region and Bristol Bay.

Fishing vessels come from Homer, crossing Cook Inlet and landing in Williamsport, where they travel along the road to Pile Bay. From Pile Bay, they travel across Iliamna Lake, then down a river that connects to commercial fisheries at Bristol Bay.
With this roughly 320-mile route, boats bypass what would be a 1,000-mile journey around the Alaska Peninsula, according to Williams.

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Steve said...

I'll make it a bridge to nowhere tourist attraction! I'll make literally tens of dollars!

Rev. Paul said...

It would be worth more as salvage, I think. But at least you have a plan! :)

Rob said...

My question is cost to salvage ???

Rev. Paul said...

Hmm. Demolition costs, removal/loading/trucking costs to get it Iliamna, then air freight either to Anchorage, or to a port with a barge which could haul the stuff there...

Let's just say you couldn't afford to afford it.

LindaG said...

If you have to remove it and maintain it, you couldn't actually use it for salvage, could you?

Still, it is a neat old bridge for a while longer.

Rev. Paul said...

The mandate to "maintain" it would be unenforceable, ultimately.

Chickenmom said...

No thanks! There is still no takers from the guy trying to sell the one in Brooklyn! :o)

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom - LOL!