15 October 2016

Barrow, Alaska Is No More

Oh, don't get me wrong: the city is still there.

Utqiagvik (pronounced Oot'-kee-ahg'-vick) is Barrow's traditional Iñupiaq name.

It's their town; they can call it whatever they want. Just like Congress renaming Denali as "Mt. McKinley"; the goal was admirable, and Pres. McKinley was a good man. But it didn't change the fact that Alaska Natives named the continent's highest peak "Denali" centuries ago.

You want to slap a moniker on something that has no name, go right ahead. But sometimes, others have beaten you to it.

The least Congress could have done was check with the residents of Alaska before getting all pumped up with their authoriteh, real or imagined.



drjim said...

I barrow the same place as Point Barrow?

Griz Alaska said...

I disagree with this 100%.
This is NOT their town, it is town of U.S. citizens!
Unless the city of Barrow with a population of +/- 5000. Will pay and reimburse all expenses of the name change out of THEIR pocket. Or maybe one of the billion dollar Native corporations, could fund it out of their profit sharing. (yea right!)

This will end up costing us MILLIONS of dollars.
And what does the CITIZENS of Alaska and the U.S. get out of it?
Who will end up paying for it?
The State of Alaska, The U.S. tax payer, corporations, air lines, private businesses etc.. The City of Barrow has NO financial income. (that I am aware of) Except for feeding off the tits of the State of Alaska, Federal programs, BIA, and petroleum industries.

Remember this is the same city that just got PO. Because they didn't get the $1,600,000.00 National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska Impact Grant Program they demanded.
Instead since the state is flat broke.
The NPR grant they received was only a pittance of $975,000.00.

Hey, I just thought of a great idea.
If they are determined to change their city name.
Then "legally" shouldn't they have to re write. Every single grant, revenue sharing program, community grant, Federal assistance, BIA funds request?

Hells Bells,
The Barrow native themselves, cant spell the name the counsel wants to change it. too.

This AMERICAN Indians, BP is going up.
So I am calling it a night.

Take care, be safe.
God bless.

Rev. Paul said...

Jim - yes, the City of Barrow is located at Point Barrow.

Griz - I hear you clearly, and tend to agree. My point was that the Native name for the place was there long before the U.S. decided that Barrow, more user-friendly, title for the town. Just like the residents of the tent city at Ship Creek wanted to call their town Alaska City, and the Post Office said "no - it's Anchorage."
Having said that, I agree with the remainder of your conclusions 100 per cent. They want to change it? Fine. Let them pay for it, in every way that matters.