17 October 2016

Police Blotter: Much Disturbance, No Social

Noise Disturbance
More than a dozen visitors in a room at Unisea Central refused Unisea Security's request to keep their noise down. Officers responded to the area and issued trespass advisements to the 15 raucous subjects.

Criminal Mischief
A woman found that the inside of her vehicle had been sprayed with some type of mildly acidic substance which caused significant skin, mucous and eye irritation. One suspect was tentatively identified. Under investigation.

Drunk Disturbance
A dipsomaniac reported that another man had threatened him with an aggressive stance. Officers advised the drunkard to go home for the night.

Criminal Mischief
Caller reported that a neighbor had used his chest freezer as a stool to gain access to a window, and had broken the freezer by turning it on its side. The suspect readily admitted to having used the freezer in just such a manner, and agreed to pay for a new one if in fact the freezer was broken as a result of his actions.

Traffic Crime
Two drivers who did not have an accident did have a minor altercation in the bank when one driver accused the other of nice driving.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Officers were called to the Harbor View bar, where a man who claimed to be a federal fugitive recovery operative had been involved in either, depending on which version one listened to, starting or breaking up an altercation. The operative's actions did not rise to the level of impersonation and he was given a trespass advisement, per Unisea Security, for all Unisea hospitality venues.

Officer issued another much more specific trespass advisement to the federal fugitive recovery operative, per Unisea Security, after the 14-year Dutch Harbor veteran claimed not to know that Grand Aleutian Hotel was a Unisea facility.

Noise Disturbance
Officers responded to another crowded residence, this one occupied by many strident inebriates. The inebriates were advised to keep their voices down lest they become incarcerates.


deborah harvey said...

i love the facility with words practiced by your police.

deborah harvey said...

p.s. glad to be able to comment again.
the identify the pictures thing just would not go through.
it is irritating even when it is working well.

Rev. Paul said...

deborah, the Unalaska Police are some 650 miles from here, on an island. My town doesn't publish its blotter, as far as I know. Re the identify the pictures requirement, I wasn't aware that Google/Blogger was making you do that.

Old NFO said...

Hehehe, I'd still like to see what happened if they didn't have any booze for a week! :-)

Rev. Paul said...

That would be an interesting social experiment. I doubt they'd volunteer to go along, though.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

15 tossed at once! Wonder what the record is?

Rev. Paul said...

We may never know; they keep out-doing themselves.