10 October 2016

Police Blotter: Various Sots

Welfare Check
   Officers assisted in locating a drunken female who had not returned home when expected. She was found asleep in a parked truck but otherwise was uninjured.

Assistance Rendered
   Officers responded to a report of a drunkard causing a disturbance in a liquor store. The miscreant had vacated the area prior officer arrival.

Noise Disturbance
   Officers were advised of loud music coming from an adjoining apartment. The musical malefactors were advised their melodious lamentations were not being appreciated at this late hour.

   Officers investigated a report of an assault that occurred between two besotted individuals. The two had a disagreement concerning one of the sots consuming the alcohol of the other sot. Sot one, the owner of the alcohol, chased sot two, the consumer of the alcohol, down the hallway of the bunkhouse. None involved wished to pursue charges.

Drunk Disturbance
   Officers responded to the Airport Bar regarding a report that some men were arguing and threatening to engage in violence. The men, who had not engaged in any fighting, had already separated by the time officers arrived.

Welfare Check / Assistance Rendered
   Officers checked a residence after receiving a 911 hang-up call from that location. A drunken woman answered the door and muttered that she had no need of police assistance.
   The drunken woman [then] phoned police to report being dissatisfied with her son's disrespectful behavior. Officers responded and attempted to explain to the drunken woman that her son could not be removed from the house without going through a legal eviction process.

Drunk Disturbance / Trespass
   Officer responded to the Airport Bar regarding an obnoxious patron who had expressed his reluctance to leave the premises by punching and kicking windows and doors. The man had fled the area by the time officers arrived. No property was damaged by his tirade.
   The obnoxious patron caused additional, similar problems at the Grand Aleutian Hotel, and was advised, per Unisea Security, that he was no longer welcome at any Unisea liquor establishment.


Chickenmom said...

Sot one and sot two....LOL!

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, Sgt. Shockley was in fine form, that day. She done good!