25 October 2016

The 25th of October

Our Older Daughter is (or will be) celebrating her 27th birthday today.

As a child, she enjoyed girly things, and played with Barbie dolls. These days, her birthday lists are comprised of items like ammo, shooting supplies, and Cabela's gift cards.

Sure, and it brings a tear to me eye.

* * * * *

This morning's temp was a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. It was a sweltering 8° F. in the river valley, and rose all the way to 11 by the time I reached my office in mid-town Anchorage.

With overnight lows well below the 20-degree mark, we've rearranged the parking arrangement at home so that the three trucks with block heaters can be close to a receptacle. My wife's SUV doesn't have one, so I suspect her auto-start will be getting quite the workout in the coming months.

* * * * *

The Alaska political scene is lurching into its usual chaotic stance as the election approaches.

First, there's Joe Miller, a former GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate who defeated incumbent Lisa Murkowski in the primary election, a term ago. Then he lost to her in a well-orchestrated write-in campaign in the general election.

This year he's running as a Libertarian candidate. I've not even seen any state-wide polls, and didn't know whether he was doing well again Ms. Murkowski - until the State GOP Committee accused him of breaking campaign finance laws, yesterday. So I guess he's doing pretty well.

Alaska's Democratic Party has quietly all but abandoned its candidate for U.S. Senate, Ray Metcalfe, while some party members rally instead for independent candidate Margaret Stock.

It's a mess, politically speaking. In other words, a typical Alaskan campaign season, as the voters argue, butt heads, and ride off in all directions.


LindaG said...

Alaska sounds like typical America politically.

Happy Birthday to your Older Daughter!

Be safe and God bless you all.

Rob said...

Happy Party Day to your daughter...

Rev. Paul said...

Linda & Rob - thank you!

Griz Alaska said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter.
It was -12 deg this am. but it is a beautiful sunny morning.
Heading out for the long drive down to Los Anchorage, in a few minutes.
Have V.A. appointments tomorrow, to see if they can do anything for my legs. (neuropaty/diabetes)
And will visit my son, DIL and grand kids.

Take care, be safe.
god bless.

Rev. Paul said...

I pray your drive is safe & uneventful, Griz, and may the Lord guide your doctor(s) in diagnosis and treatment.

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter and enjoy the day...all of you!

As to our state elections....we now get to listen to Rand Paul, he has become such a "professional" politician. Saying what people want to hear and not what has to be done. We do have one man I am surprised by, he is running for the State Legislature. He says he is not running for re-election next go round but to stop the Bleeding of money in this state NOW.
He is a Dr. and was a Hospital administrator for 30 years.[His Hospital has a phenomenal reputation] I wish he was running in the Federal race because he has some seriously good ideas about managing medicine. He is also a devout Christian and not afraid to quote Gods word, and use Biblical wisdom.
I have to admit I almost feel nauseous as the election gets closer.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Fiona.

I remain convinced that the Lord is giving us this one chance to stop the corruption - or at least to retard it - with this election. If we fail to do our duty as Christians to show up and VOTE for conservative principles, then it won't be God's fault: it will be ours.

Old NFO said...

Happy birthday to the oldest spawn! :-) And Alaska politics ARE something else...LOL

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, sir - and this place reminds me powerfully of what I've read about Old West politics in "new" States like Colorado, etc, 140 years ago. Wild West, indeed.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Happy Birthday Older Daughter!

Wow. Plug in block heaters. I would survive approximately 10 minutes there...

LindaG said...

There are plenty of ways to keep warm. Chinese underwear, parkas, bunny boots, and gauntlets for people. There are also oil dipstick heaters and battery blankets. ^_^
But they do say you either love Alaska, or you hate it. No in-between. At least that is what they tell you in the military. ^_^

Rev. Paul said...

TB, it's like the old-timers (I guess that includes me, now) used to say, "We don't 'put up' with the cold; we protect ourselves from it." Block heaters are a wonderful thing.

Linda, the oil dipstick heaters don't work, here. It gets too cold, and just winds up cooking some of the oil nearest the stick. Heating the water jacket works far more efficiently. But you're right about the love-it-or-hate-it syndrome. This veteran confirms your story.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Did you just call these guys buttheads?


Rev. Paul said...

Not quite, Guffaw, although the epithet might be appropriate in some cases. But I would never say so in public. ;^)