18 November 2016

Anti-Political Friday

It was 15° at our house this morning, and 12° down along the river. But the roads are dry & the morning commute went without incident.

I gave a few minutes' thought to a topic for the day, and realized I'm pretty much done with the all politics, all the time mentality ... at least, for now.

So here's some antipolitics to start the day:

Just a bit o' range time, for some much-needed recoil therapy & conversation with the local club.

Your tool of choice may vary.

The national organization, and the local group. :)

Mt. Spurr (active volcano) and the Tordrillo Mtns, visible above the berm.

Tools of the trade.

The view from my office (#1)




And a late-summer view of the drive home


PeteForester1 said...

Thank GOD; a day without politics!

Y'know, my mom has never liked to talk politics with me, because our political views are, shall I say, "divergent." Since the election, she keeps wanting to talk about the peril our country is supposedly in. Now it's I... who doesn't... want to talk... about politics...

God bless!

Rev. Paul said...

You're welcome, Pete.

I get many of my political views from my parents, so talking to Mom is still a joy. My sister, now ... that's another story. :)

LindaG said...

Have any of the big rivers begun to freeze? Do you ever join the breakup pool? We never did.
I would have to go to work every day, just for the view of God's handiwork.

Be safe and a blessed weekend to you all!

threecollie said...

Your cold mountain photos are stunning!

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, it's a bit too soon for the big rivers to freeze over. And you're thinking of the Nenana Ice Classic; we haven't participated in that, but it generates a sizable chunk of change for the winner each year. They've set up a webcam aimed at the spot where the tripod gets tethered, so folks can watch it during break-up.

threecollie, thank you. It's not that I'm a great photographer; in fact, rather the opposite. But the scenery itself is so stunning that it's hard to take a bad shot. :)

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

You're not the only one tired of hearing about politics! Great set of tools you have there dear friend :-)
Now that's a view I would love to have. Looks like great weather for some fishing!!

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy - you & Bulldog Man should come up together, sometime, and indulge in salmon season. Or deep sea fishing ... or halibut fishing ... or whatever tickles your fancy. :)

JayNola said...

Did you do anything more with your MHI fan fic?

Rev. Paul said...

No, Jay, I haven't. But I've been thinking, the last few days, that I need to re-read it. At least I can find out if inspiration strikes again.