15 November 2016

Police Blotter: Mutinous Scurvy Dogs

Warrant Arrest
Officers responded to a report of an individual with an outstanding warrant. The doppelganger in question did not have a warrant although he did resemble a person who did.

Caller reported that his ex-girlfriend would not return money and a plane ticket he purchased for her. The caller was advised that the matter appeared to be civil in nature. The ex-girlfriend stated that the caller never bought her a ticket or loaned her money. She suspected the caller was using the police to contact her as she would not answer her ex-boyfriend’s calls.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported a possible mutiny aboard a fishing vessel as the crew was not listening to the captain and refused to get out of bed. The caller called back and reported that everything was fine now and the crew was working. An officer responded and confirmed that there were no mutinous scurvy dogs upon the vessel.

A caller reported that an individual was posting rude comments on Facebook and she wished the conduct to stop. An officer contacted the offending poster who advised that she had only posted the rude comments after the original caller had first posted rude comments on her page. The officer suggested that the two “unfriend” and block the other and remove all rude posts. Both agreed to the compromise.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Officers investigated a report of suspicious behavior inside a vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle were contacted and no suspicious behavior was found.

Traffic Crime
Caller reported an erratically driven vehicle. The driver was contacted and found to be inexperienced in driving on paved roads.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller requested assistance for his friend who drank bleach. The caller was unwilling to give the friend’s location and was vague on any details surrounding the incident. The caller eventually stated he had checked on his friend and no assistance was needed and he refused to provide additional information.

Assault/Arrest Warrant
Officers responded to a report of an assault. Investigation revealed that a verbal altercation occurred.
One of the participants in a verbal altercation was found to have an extraditable warrant out of Arizona. [A man], 28 yoa, was arrested on the authority of the AZ warrant. The original charge for the warrant was DUI, DWLS, Unlawful Means of Transportation, and Criminal Damage.

Drunk Disturbance
Caller reported an aggressive drunk causing a disturbance. An officer arrived and was able to calm the belligerent sot.


Chickenmom said...

"Inexperienced in driving on paved roads" - Gee, I think that would be easier to do!

Rev. Paul said...

I'm not as sure, ma'am. There's a big difference between icy gravel roads & icy asphalt.