27 December 2016

Police Blotter: The Holiday Edition

Criminal Mischief
     Caller reported four to five children playing inside of a parked vehicle. Officer responded and contacted the children who said they were using the vehicle as a prop for their Parkour video. Officer advised the children not to use other people's property as a prop for their video. The children apologized and vacated the area.
     Officer received secondhand information that an individual had spit on another. Investigation was conducted which revealed the victim did not want to pursue charges but wanted the spitter trespassed from his residence indefinitely. Subject was so advised.
Traffic Crime
     Officer observed two vehicles racing on Henry Swanson Drive with one of the vehicles almost colliding head on with the officer. When contacted the individuals stated that they wanted to give their toddler son the sense of racing in the wind. Subject was summonsed for multiple charges.
Suspicious Person/Activity
     Officers responded to faint cries for help at the CEM dock. Upon arrival Officers observed an individual in the water, under the dock, sitting on a float. Officers were able to extricate the subject who was later determined to be inebriated. The subject said he wanted to go for a swim, jumped in off the dock and somehow ended up under the dock. Ambulance responded and subject signed a refusal form.
Drunk Disturbance
     Officers responded to the airport for report of a drunken person causing a disturbance. Upon arrival officers contact a drunken subject who said he was on standby for incoming flights. Per airport personnel requests, the subject was advised he was not on the standby list and he was too drunk to fly out today, either way.
Drunk Disturbance
     Caller reported a drunken patron refusing to leave the liquor store. Officers responded and contacted the inebriated subject. Per the establishments request the subject was asked to leave the premises. Subject was advised by officers, and he vacated the area shortly thereafter.
     Second caller reported a drunken individual causing a disturbance at the airport. Officers responded and determined the subject to be the same from the previous call. Airport personnel requested the subject be trespassed for an additional 24 hour period. Officers advised the subject of the request and he vacated the area shortly thereafter.
     A third caller reported a drunken individual attempting to enter a local business and refusing to leave the area. Officers responded and found the subject to be same as the two previous calls. Officers responded but the subject had already left the area.
Public Safety
     Caller reported an intoxicated male at the Unalaska Visitor Center. Officers responded and contacted the subject who said he was trying to purchase an Alaska flag. Officer advised the subject to go home and return when he sobers up. Subject complied.


Murphy's Law said...

Yep. Definitely on my vacation bucket list. And I HAVE to find a way to get mentioned in the blotter.

Rev. Paul said...

"Caller reported suspicious person conducting a one-man Mardi Gras parade."

Dep. Chief Shockley said they'll only list names for those actually arrested. So you're going to have to find a way to make yourself stand out. Consider that a challenge. :)

Steve said...

I can't wait for New Year's Eve!

Also, swimming?! In Alaska?! In December?!

Rev. Paul said...

Steve, I share your anticipation. :) Also, the Aleutians form the boundary between the north Pacific & the Bering Sea. It's salt water.