06 December 2016

Warmer Today

It was 3 degrees above zero this morning. We're not quite sure how to handle that, after so many days of colder weather. The highways are mostly clear, which is a good thing, but the streets ... oh yeah, those Anchorage streets.

The city's D.O.T. has never done a very good job of clearing the streets, typically plowing away the snow which would be useful for traction, and leaving an inch or so which gets packed down to hockey rink slickness. I think they do their winter street maintenance with Zambonis.

Now they use ... well, we're not sure. But the approaches to most stop lights are pitted ice spike, an inch or so high, leaving a surface rougher than any other surface I can recall driving on. They practically shake your teeth loose. The smoothed, packed snow which is shiny from so many cars passing, is in the centers of the intersections and the approach to turns on the opposite side. So after being shaken, then you slide and spin through the intersection and slide into the opposite curb when making a turn.

But enough complaining about Anchorage streets. We're SO happy we don't live there anymore. :)

* * * * *

And then there's this. This. This is what's wrong with social media. I've got two people texting my phone, a buddy on the Book o' Faces sending me messages, and I'm still trying to finish this short post while on what was a coffee break when it started it ... a half-hour ago.
Ah well, the price we pay for fame. Bwaahahahahaha!

Have a wonderful day, friends, and thanks for stopping by.


LindaG said...

I refuse to install their message thing to my phone. I wait until I am on my 'puter to reply to those messages.

Glad you are popular though! And I don't blame you. We lived outside Fairbanks, sort of close to Eielson when we were there, until we got on base housing. Fairbanks has changed too much since we were there.
Couldn't live in Anchorage.

Be safe and stay warm!

Old NFO said...

Fairbanks at least leaves enough snow to get traction, or at least they did the last time I was up there...

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, I still like the feel of Fairbanks more than Anchorage, as it's much more Alaskan, and the folks there WANT to be there. We get the impression that the general population of Anchorage resents Alaska for being inconveniently too far north, and the snow offends them. It makes us a little crazy.

NFO, I admit that, to my embarrassment, we haven't yet been to Fairbanks in the winter. That's going to change, soon. We'll fly up, just for the experience.

LindaG said...

One of the things I liked about Fairbanks, was that on a clear day, we could see Denali.

Of course with the view you have, you don't need a clear day. ^_^

Rev. Paul said...

Actually, Linda, Denali is only visible from the Anchorage area about 3 days a month. It's usually socked in; it's so tall it makes its own weather.

LindaG said...

One of God's many wonders. ^_^