05 January 2017

Cold, and Getting Colder

"It's cold and it's getting colder. It's gray and white and winter all around ... And yet I know it's more than worth the waiting for another chance to see the summer sun, come on, shine on me."
  ~ John Denver, Season Suite (1972)

(The song quoted above begins at 4:30, if you want to hear just that one.)

It was 1° F. along the river as I began my morning commute to Anchorage this morning, and is a balmy 3° at work.

AccuHunch promises (for whatever that's worth) that the temps will fall to -5 in Anchorage, and -12 in my town tonight. Tomorrow will be roughly the same, or say they say. But there's no snow in the forecast, and humidity is practically non-existent, so there's also no frost. Frost is notoriously stubborn in subzero weather.

And there's good news to report: the days are already noticeably longer, and the lack of humidity means we have lots of blue skies and sunshine (while said sun is up). Sun shining on a thick snow cover makes the days seem even brighter, and that has most of us in a much better mood this year, compared to the last two or three years when we had very little snow.

* * * * *

The response to the latest chapter of the MHI Alaska book is underwhelming. It's my own fault: it appears I interpreted a few requests to continue it, as indicative of a larger demand than actually exists. It's probably why I stopped working on it, back in '15. Oh well, it's was a fun place in which to play, even for a while.

That's about all I have so far. Thanks for stopping by, friends.


Rob said...

Padre, Remember those summer nights sitting outside, swatting bugs, listening to the animals??? This is called pay back by mamma nature...

I told my wife the night we sat outside sweating, in places we did feel sweat since Fla., to remember this night, because in a few months when we would have to wear every piece of clothing to stay warm...

Rev. Paul said...

Rob, our summers are so short that it's commonly believed that summer is our payback for putting up with 7 months of winter. But I suppose it's a matter of perspective.

Jon said...

Well, i was enjoying MHI, anyway. Just found the links here the other night.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Jon. It's nice to hear that. :)