27 January 2017

Friday in the Great Land

The headlines in the local paper* are filled with stories about how icy the Anchorage streets were, yesterday. And equally filled with complaints about a) it wasn't treated promptly, b) school should have been cancelled, and c) sumone shoulda done sumthin'.
Of course, for the rest of us, Anchorage is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, and dominates the "all Alaska newspaper" despite that paper's intermittent attempts to be the source of news from the whole state.
Whatever. And they do sometimes achieve that, whenever nothing much is happening in Anchorage proper. But let something like yesterday's freezing rain happen, and the local color drowns out everything else.
Whatever. Today's temps are falling back toward normal, but the weather guesses available on-line aren't sure if we'll see light snow, or more freezing rain and black ice.
The streets in my town remain slippery but not treacherous like yesterday. The highway was mostly dry and clear, so overall it's not a bad drive.
But enough of that.
There's not much else going on, this morning, which is probably a good thing.
Thanks for stopping by, friends. Perhaps I'll have more later. So ... later!
* I'm sure they'd want me to mention their name and provide a link.


Old NFO said...

Stay safe! Ice is no fun at all...

Rev. Paul said...

We had wet ice/snow mix at home, but with the temp at 31, it didn't freeze hard. No precip here in Anchorage, as far as I know. So once again, the weather service tried to scare everybody with a dire prediction that failed to happen.