21 January 2017

Still Snowing

We got another 5" or 6" of snow overnight and this morning, on top of what's already on the ground from earlier in the week. Well over a foot of fresh snow on the packed snow underneath.

It's mostly stopped now, but with temps in the single digits, a passing car creates a temporary white-out in its wake. The blowing and drifting have made highway travel quite hazardous.

Officials are now advising people to stay home, if they can. Here's what it looks like, from home:

And here's what it looks like on the highway, a few miles away.


drjim said...

Be careful, Rev!

Rev. Paul said...

No worries, Jim. The only driving I did, yesterday, was to visit a couple of local stores. Those highway pics are from Facebook, taken by others during the worst of it.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

And you're out driving in the snow!!! You didn't get to stay home today??

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, as I commented above, the pics are from a Facebook page composed of many, many commuters who drive that stretch of road. I stayed home. :)