20 February 2017

More Snow? Yep.

Mother Nature is going out of her way to make up for the last three almost-snowless winters. We got another 9" over night, making a total of 17" for the weekend. That puts us well ahead of average for the winter.

I tried really hard to justify staying home this morning, but couldn't quite convince myself. As it turns out, the drive into town wasn't bad, primarily because it's a holiday and many aren't working.

That was okay with me.

Meanwhile, it's only 16°, and AccuHunch guesses we'll have falling temps today. They're calling for -7 overnight, so maybe they'll get lucky and call this one correctly.

But since I'm at work, I probably ought to do something about that, first. I mean, as long as I'm here, and all ...



LindaG said...

Haha. Hope you have a blessed day, Reverend. Be careful going home and stay warm. :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Linda.

Cathy said...

Rev. Paul,
I haven't been over here in so long. I just caught up with Northview Diary. Life is so crazy busy since hubby retired. I see you have snow! Crazy year. I hope spring is soon coming to your neighborhood and that all is well with you and yours.

Rev. Paul said...

Hi, Cathy! I'd been wondering what you were up to, these days, and am pleased to see a comment from you. Hubby retired? That explains much. :)

Yes, we're way above average on snow for the season, now, and anything resembling spring as you'd know it is still at least two months away.