24 February 2017

Much Ado About Nothing

Officials at Chugiak High School have decided to prohibit the display of the Confederate flag on school grounds, except for the purpose of historical learning.
About 2,000 parents and students received an email this week from the principal, explaining the new policy to ban certain uses of the flag. 
The email said in part, "because of the substantial disruption to our school environment and the likelihood of future disruption, the Confederate flag will not be displayed at our high school except in the context of the study of the Civil War." 
The decision was sparked after five students were seen on social media posing in front of a Confederate flag on school grounds.  
The school principal wrote, since the incident, Chugiak High became the subject of local and national media attention.  
The principal said the decision to ban uses of the flag was made to ensure all students attending the school “feel safe, secure and … have a sense of belonging.”
So these snowflakes* have decided to be offended by a historical emblem. While I admit being curious what the students intended by the display, it's just a flag. Are they attempting to rally forces to a States' rights cause? It seems unlikely.
They're products of the modern educational system, which barely deserves the title. So it's nearly impossible to know what they think the flag stands for. But they're also teenagers, so it's as likely as any other reason to be simply to make waves, and garner attention. They certainly got that.
But to ban a Confederate flag on school grounds? Once again, we're sending entirely the wrong message to a generation growing up in a bubble-wrap environment, leaving them woefully unprepared for real life.
And we've already seen the results of that, since election day last November.
* Yes, I'm referring to the principal and other school officials, in this case. There are probably parents who support the ban, so it would include them, too.

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