27 February 2017

Police Blotter: The Usual Dipsomaniacs

Officers issued a trespass advisement, per Unisea Security, to a man no longer welcome at their hospitality establishments. The belligerent and inebriated man agreed to return to his hotel room to sleep.
Assistance Rendered
The inebriate who had earlier been told not to return to any Unisea liquor establishments was evicted from his hotel room after he began trashing his room. Hotel management chose not to pursue charges.
The inebriate, having been evicted from his room, returned to one of the places from which he had been barred only hours earlier. [The man], 45 yoa, of Minnesota, was arrested on one count of Criminal Trespass II.
Officers responded to a report that a fight had just occurred in the parking lot of a hotel and spoke with several witnesses and participants. Two men had indeed been fighting in the parking lot over fisherman stuff. One man had minor injuries and neither wished to pursue charges.
Drunk Disturbance
Officer responded to a residence wherein a drunken tenant was having problems with her drunken landlord. An officer advised the landlord, who wanted his obstreperous tenant removed, that he needed to follow approved eviction procedures for that to happen.
Officers returned to the residence of the drunken landlord and his tenant, wherein the landlord claimed to have been awakened by his tenant pounding on his testicles. Officers determined the incident had not happened as described, and again encouraged the landlord to follow eviction procedures if he found his tenant too unruly.
Welfare Check
Officers responded to the residence of dipsomaniac siblings regarding an alleged assault, and found the brothers too inebriated to be able to explain what did or did not ensue in their home. Neither brother was injured and both were advised that future such calls could result in one of them being jailed.
Domestic Disturbance
Officers responded to another household of dipsomaniacs, wherein one drunken male landlord was upset about the way his inebriated female tenant kept the common areas of the house. The two residents and the woman's guest continued to yell at one another from behind closed doors but indicated that their dispute was no more than verbal.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Is Unalaska #1 in alcohol fuel mayhem or does it have a better reporter?

Rev. Paul said...

Unalaska is a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem. Sgt. Shockley wrote her heart out in an attempt to enliven the Blotter. Now that she's the Deputy Chief, the blotter has apparently gone private again.