12 March 2017

Iditarod Sidebar: Meet the Dogs

Canine athletes: Meet 10 of the Iditarod dogs racing to Nome

Ask Iditarod mushers about their sled dog teams, and they'll tell you each canine is a little bit different. Some friendly, some ornery and some a little bit bossy.

Hundreds of sled dogs are racing through Interior Alaska right now, on their way to the Norton Sound coast, as part of their 1,000-mile journey to Nome.

Click on the link to meet these hard-working athletes.


Old NFO said...

The dogs ARE the real stars! :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Absolutely concur!

Terry said...

Loved the stories. Thanks for posting.
My little guy was 17 last July and is hanging in there. We had his parents also, he was from the second litter.

Rev. Paul said...

17? Wow - that's great! And you're welcome.