04 March 2017

March 4th

It's a busy morning around the ol' homestead. There's a quick run to the local pharmacy and gas station.

My wife is preparing a nice lunch for later.

I've already restrung some audio cables in the living room, as they'd recently become dislodged; a cable chase which was supposed to be self-adhered decided that it didn't want to be. A couple of small screws put paid to that, and now all is neatly hidden again.

A bit later, Older Daughter and I will take a pickup load of old mattresses and sundry to the dump. That gets the garage more-or-less cleaned out, pending the arrival of the local Goodwill folks to take away an old sleeper-sofa which we no longer need.

After that, an old friend will be stopping by to see our new place, and enjoy that lunch I mentioned. I'll probably drag out one of the guitars, and we might sing a bit. Yeah, we're old-fashioned like that.

In the meantime, local cable will be covering the ceremonial start of the Iditarod (yay!) at 10:00. That's about 90 minutes from now.

That takes care of the next six hours or so. After that? My plans don't include the future. :^)

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Have a wonderful and blessed Saturday!


Guffaw in AZ said...

Nice your plans don't include the future. I have trouble with that concept, even though I know I am not the one in charge!


Rev. Paul said...

I wondered if anyone would pick up on that; it's one of my favorite lines. :)