16 April 2017

My Sunday Afternoon

So after discovering that the ceiling fan light kit wouldn't fit (because the old fan and light turned out to be an inseparable, one-piece unit), we went back to Big Box Hardware and bought a new flush-mount fan and light. After a couple of hours labor, it's up, and works with a remote. No more dangling chains, and more headroom for the tallest person in the master bedroom (me).

We also hung a five-piece mural of mountains and northern lights in the area between the stairs and dining room. So now, after standing on a stepladder all afternoon, I'm tired. And why did I do it today? Because today is when I had a helper available. My mom may have raised an ugly child, but she never raised a dumb one.


Old NFO said...

Happy Easter to you and yours Rev!

LindaG said...

Congratulations on getting it all done!
A blessed week to you all, Reverend.