21 April 2017

Signing Off

Thanks to Blogger's interference, my readership has been reduced by 90 percent. That seems as clear a sign as a person could wish.

Everything has a natural season, and comes to an end. And so it is with this blog. Thank you for your comments and questions over the years. It's been nice to "know" you.

Farewell, my friends. As the Navy says, I wish you fair winds and a following sea. May God bless you all.


Vicki said...

May God truly bless you and yours, Rev. Paul. I will miss you.

Chickenmom said...

We NEED you, Rev. Paul!!!

JayNola said...

Aww Rev. That's not fair. I got the message from somewhere else. The rest of your readers will too.

drjim said...


MAJOR bummer!!

deborah harvey said...

don't forget to pray for us!
thanks for everything.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Thanks Reverend. You will be missed.

Guffaw in AZ said...

OH, Man!

Do as you must.

Remember not everyone looks at your blog daily, or follows instructions in a timely manner...

You are always welcome to come back.

You've been a blog brother.

Thank you,

Suz said...

Wait! Wait!! I'm just a little slow!! I was doing outdoor stuff, then falling into bed, and then going to work for money. Didn't get a chance to touch the 'puter at all...

Well, do what you feel is best, but know that you will be missed.

Thank you for the bible verses through the Easter season.

Murphy's Law said...

Oh, NO! The internet won't be as welcoming a place without you.

John said...

Thank you for spending your time and effort on the blog, and best wishes in whatever you wish to do.

Rich in NC said...

Well, Rev Paul, That sucks. Your readership is off 90% because mooseintheyard.com is still not working but moooseintheyard.blogspot.com is.
This isn't a sign to stop, it's a sign that Murphy, as does God, has a wicked sense of humor. I've been checking my bookmarked entry of 'Way Up North' for over a week, and I had to go to Old NFO's place to find out that your address is different.
Don't leave because nobody reads your stuff anymore, because that just ain't true. I've NOT stopped visiting your site, your site went into hiding. Leave if you must, but not because readership is down.
I'm still here and I know lots of others are too.
Thanks for posting
Rich in NC

Ed Bonderenka said...

Dwindled readership? That's why you blog?
It would be worth it if only I read your blog.
and I do.