21 February 2018

99 Years, and God's Word for Wednesday, 2/21/18

As a minister of the Gospel, I am saddened at this morning's news. Billy Graham stood head and shoulders above the last century, as he faithfully proclaimed the good news about Jesus, the Son of God. 

Avoiding politics, he was steadfast in preaching only Jesus. Turning down invitations to act, or to run for political office, he insisted on doing only that which he was called to do.

Proverbs 18:16 says, "A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men." The Rev. Dr. Graham had that opportunity, more so than almost anyone else. Spiritual advisor to 12 Presidents, and countless foreign leaders and heads of state ... the list of those with whom he met is a Who's Who of the 20th Century, and the early 21st. 

Yet he was a humble man, never claiming any honors for himself, and only ever pointing to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

It is estimated that he delivered the message of Jesus and God's plan of salvation to some 215 million people in person, and Heaven only knows how many more saw him on TV or film. 

We who remain rejoice in the knowledge that Billy is reunited with his wife and extended family in Heaven, in the presence of Jesus. And we are more determined than ever to do what God gives us to do, to finish, and to hear the words "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

For while I was with you I was determined to be consumed with one topic—Jesus, the crucified Messiah. I stood before you feeling inadequate, filled with reverence for God, and trembling under the sense of the importance of my wordsThe message I preached and how I preached it was not an attempt to sway you with persuasive arguments but to prove to you the almighty power of God’s Holy Spirit. For God intended that your faith not be established on man’s wisdom but by trusting in his almighty power. (1 Corinthians 2:2-5, TPT).


Vicki said...

A beautiful tribute for a great man, Rev. Paul. I find myself sad to hear of his passing, but more glad knowing he is with those family who went before and with Jesus. When my time comes, I believe it will just be a matter of going home.

Rev. Paul said...

I can only agree, Vicki. Thank you.

LindaG said...


Griz Alaska said...

Rev. Paul
Thanks, for your beautiful tribute.

RIP Billy Graham.
I awoke yesterday morning to hear that he had passed.(Billy was my "hero")
I am sad for my own selfish reasons, as his preaching has giving me eternal salvation. But I am truly happy, that he is finally home with our Lord and Savior. Thank you Billy for your life long service in the Lords army, while bringing millions and millions to Christ.

In my opinion there has never have been a greater evangelist, since Apostle Paul. As a member of BGEA, I pray the Franklin will continue to lead as he has done, in your footsteps.

This man has been such a major influence on my salvation, along with millions and millions of others across this world. †

Take care, be safe.
God bless.
Griz - Alaska

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, thank you.

Griz, that's a great tribute, too.