17 June 2018

Dad & Me

Sept. 1973

This is me and Dad on my first Navy leave, after boot camp. Despite the fact that he wasn't crazy about my enlistment - he was drafted during Korea, after all - he was proud of me.

The whole misbegotten Good Humor Man uniform issued by the Navy is a sad chapter, best left for another time...


Ed Bonderenka said...

Good genes.

Suz said...

I bet your Dad was proud of you long before you enlisted!

And I have very fond memories of the Good Humor Man, who drove a big white truck, with ringing bells, think sleigh bells, and came around every day, except Sunday, when we were at the beach on the Connecticut shore. Only his uniform was white, without the navy blue.
It cost between ten cents and $1.00 for an ice cream, depending on what you wanted. I saved my allowance all year long so I would have money to buy an ice cream or, on Sundays, the Italian Ice Man came around.

Hope you have a great Father's Day!

LindaG said...


Rev. Paul said...

There is a certain resemblance, Ed. :)

Yes, he was, Suz. Re: the Good Humor Man, no one had any problems with him. But sailors didn't want to dress like him; we wanted to look like sailors.

Thanks, Linda.