14 February 2017

Police Blotter: A Movable Fight & Two Furious Femmes

Officers responded to an alleged knife fight at a local hotel and found that one man had pulled out a still-closed folding knife after another man aggressively ran at him in a hallway, made threatening remarks and held his fists as if ready to fight. The assailant was identified and provided a similar version of events, but the victim chose not to pursue charges.

Different officers investigating a fight at the same hotel found that it had been preceded by another brawl in the upstairs lobby, this one involving five people, one of whom was the aforementioned assailant. Three of those involved were ultimately told to leave the facility. No charges were filed.

Two intoxicated men who had been involved in multiple fights at the hotel were issued trespass advisements, per management. The inebriates left after spending a considerable amount of time trying to justify why they should be allowed to remain.

Officers contacted two men, one of whom had been evicted from a hotel, inside the airport. The men were advised they were not allowed to remain in the building but could use the seating outside the terminal. After another lengthy diatribe, the men complied with the officers' request.

A third man who had been involved in a fight at the hotel but who had fled prior to officers' arrival was discovered at the hotel. He too was issued a trespass advisement, per management.

Vehicle owner reported his vehicle had been vandalized, but upon closer inspection he and the responding officer determined that the damage to his truck was caused by high winds whipping the bed liner from his pickup and slamming numerous items against the windows and hood before depositing them in the parking lot and the harbor.

MVA Damage
A woman backed into her neighbor's parked vehicle, sparking a violent confrontation between the two furious femmes. Damage to the two vehicles was negligible and the only injuries were those caused when the two irate women began pummeling one another.


Old NFO said...

Sadly funny... Very sadly...

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

The vocabulary is pretty impressive for a police blotter. Methinks that we have some budding writers amidst the Law Enforcement community there...

Rev. Paul said...

NFO - concur.

TB - that's what the Unalaska Police Blotter has been known for. Sadly, the writer - former Sgt. Jennifer Shockley - no longer authors the Blotter, and I'm just about out of items to mention here. But good for her: she's now Dep. Chief. :)