14 October 2010

Old S&W Pistol Found

... in a historic building, in the Klondike Gold Rush town of Skagway.  From the Skagway News:

The article's caption: "MYSTERY PISTOL – This gun was found
in a wall of the YMCA where it was lowered by a pulley systen to its hidden spot."

NPS finds old S&W pistol hidden in YMCA wall

The restoration project at the old YMCA building at 5th and State has taken a mysterious turn.
Last week, Doug Breen, maintenance worker for Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, was the first to notice a Smith and Wesson pistol lying on a ledge within the north wall of the historic YMCA, according to a park press release.
It was found next to a ball of string and a small metal pulley in the wall, so it was likely lowered to its hidden resting spot.
The NPS work crew was taking down interior walls as they continue their restoration work on the YMCA and the adjoining Arctic Meat Co.
The pistol was immediately given to the park’s curatorial staff for analysis. The gun was found to be manufactured in Springfield, Mass., during the years 1878-1892. It is a single action, .32 caliber, and rim-fire, pistol with a bird’s head grip and spur trigger. The description is the easy part, however the circumstances surrounding the pistol’s location in a sealed wall remain a mystery, according to the release.

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Bob said...

Well, that's cool. I wish that S&W would bring back some of those old breaktops with spur triggers. They'd be popular with the SASS crowd.

PolyKahr said...

Rev. Paul,

What a cool find. It looks like it can be cleaned up pretty easily.

Any plans to test it out?

Best Wishes,

Groundhog said...

Reason it's there? First thought was it was being 'disposed of' after some kind of foul play. At least possible. But a pulley? If you were getting rid of one you'd just drop it in said place. Left behind as historical relic on purpose? Perhaps meant to be retrieved when heat was off, hence pulley mech? Very curious.