19 April 2024

Spring is Sprung

 Several readers have asked when Spring arrives, up here. Never mind the 18" of snow still in the yard. Never mind the 4-and-a-half-foot snow berms lining the streets. Never mind the bare branches on the deciduous trees.

No, what matters is the one surefire, never-fail sign that winter has officially run its course: the seagulls have returned. There were a LOT of them in the grocery store parking lot last week. There are more now.

Srsly, the seagulls are clever in that regard: they don't show up until the accumulating snow has stopped falling.

And sure enough, the overnight lows have suddenly decided to stay above freezing, so now the snow piles are receding apace. It's been a long winter, and most of us are ready for some green to offset the white we've been looking at since early October.

Of course, that'll be awhile, but at least now we know that it's on the way. 

17 April 2024

Thoughts Regarding Israel

"Like EVERYONE, regardless of their predictions, I don’t know when the Lord’s return will take place. But I do NOT believe this is the end, that it is Ezekiel 38. There is a great harvest coming, and that should be our focus."


16 April 2024

Because He Said So

"Here’s what I want you to understand: God is not just saying He keeps His word. Obviously, He does so. But He wants us to know that His words DO! They accomplish, perform, and create that which He says."


15 April 2024

Don't Fear the Storm

I am simply pointing out the lesson Jesus was giving them: “When you have My promise or direction, believe it and act boldly on it!”

12 April 2024

What Do They All Have in Common?

What if I told you that every significant defeat of satan and his demonic plans, including Jesus' resurrection, all happened on the very same date?