03 November 2010

Fear Ruled the Day

and Sen. Murkowski apparently won re-election based on a write-in campaign which consisted primarily of smearing the Republican nominee ("He's too extreme for Alaska"). Granted, those ballots will have to be hand-tallied, but it's unlikely that 13,000+ folks wrote in some other name.

It seems that enough nanny-staters from the Left Coast have moved here to sway the elections in favor of the Rino/Statist.

The worst part is that we won't get the initial results of the write-in tally until the 18th. Update: the State will begin counting the write-in votes next week, so as to make results known even sooner. That's a good thing.

* * * * *
In other results, the loser in the gubernatorial race was asked for his thoughts, last night: "I was amazed at how many people selected the wrong candidate." Unfortunately, he wasn't kidding.

"Everybody's out of step but Johnny." Yeah, right. Way to keep it classy, Mr. B.

* * * * *
Yesterday's snow will probably melt in today's predicted rains, but then the temps are to drop again. It always seems to snow right before we go on vacation.

Consider that a hint.

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