01 April 2013

Just a Bit More

To the previous post with news from the Anchorage 2nd Amendment Task Force, they add this:
Examiner-Military installations sidestep questions on brass destruction
One source the civilian market particularly looks at is for cartridge casings, and in a time of high demand, having them available for reloading ammunition becomes a significant interest. One of the prime suppliers for expended brass is the military, so their compliance with appropriations requirements and public law becomes a matter of heightened public interest.


Townhall by Katie Pavlich

Here is a short article that explains the Paul-Cruz filibuster strategy regarding the upcoming gun control bill. Their strategy could affect the Begich election and this explains why. The latest move from Begich was to vote against the Lee Amendment which would have made it more difficult for the Senate to pass anti 2nd Amendment legislation.


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