18 May 2013

It's Getting Better All the Time

For all that it was cold, windy, icy, snowy and generally unpleasant this morning - and ice-and-snow-packed intersections were plentiful and dangerous - things are improving greatly now. The temp has risen to the freezing point, causing the relatively warm roads and parking lots to transition from slush to merely wet.

Webcam image of the highway leading north out of Anchorage at 11 a.m.
It's still flurrying, but there doesn't appear to be any more serious stuff on the way.  Channel 2 here had this to say:
Anchorage has set a record for the Longest Snow Season on Record at 231 days! The National Weather Service measured 2/10ths of an inch just after 9 pm. If they measure another 1/10th tomorrow, the record will be 232 days! Last year it was a snowfall record..this year, it sets a record for sticking around.
Update: We made it to 232 days.

But I've got my personal running done for the morning, so all is well. One thing I had to do was replace the after-market flipper for the Escape. It was eating batteries at the rate of "brand new" to "useless" in three days, and "dead" in five. When I popped into the local dealer who sells that system, the counter guy was a young man whom I gave guitar lessons to, some 8 or 10 years ago. Result? Free flipper.


Drove my wife to a couple of stores and got the weekly groceries, filled the gas tank, and generally was the good husband. :)

Now we'll have a quiet afternoon and dinner - and then, Star Trek Into Darkness. After that, the season finale of Doctor Who.

Life is good!


Stephen said...

Thanks, I just flipped to Dr. Who. Now, as I type it has grown dark and thunder booms...nice to be home.

Rev. Paul said...

When thunder booms, home is a nice place to be, Stephen.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Oh my, you still have snow and your temperatures are cold. I think I would be inside all day, enjoy your Star Trek Into Darkness and Doctor Who finale.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Sandy. We enjoyed both immensely, despite the late-season snow & cool temps. :)

Cathy said...

I dunno what a flipper is, but it's good you got a functioning one from that nice young man.

Yikes! on that broken snow-cover record. Yikes!

Rev. Paul said...

Flipper = remote lock/unlock/auto-start fob for one's keychain.