22 September 2013

A Lazy Wind

It's the kind that can't be bothered to go around ... so it goes right through you, leaving you thoroughly chilled in the process.

My lovely bride & I spent several hours out in it yesterday, looking at used SUVs as possible replacements for her car. We dressed for the temperature, but not for the wind. Our mistake; never really did get warmed up for the rest of the day. After we'd been home for a couple of hours & got warm again, we both fell asleep on the couch. Ah well.

The first vehicle we drove was a Kia Sorento with all the bells and whistles: sliding powered sunroof, dual climate controls, the works. And halfway through the drive, steam started coming out from under the hood. Not a good sign.

Turns out it was just an improperly-fastened hose clamp. The windshield was cracked (that's quite common up here, due to the tons of gravel the Highway Dept spreads liberally on the roads in winter), and one foglight was loose in the bumper. Although they agreed to repair those things for us, Someone warned us away.

When we got home & researched the thing, the user reviews confirmed that the Sorento has great initial ratings, but once something goes wrong, they fall apart. Not good.

So we visited a multi-dealer used vehicle lot in mid-town. Once we explained what we're looking for, they showed us an Explorer which they'd just received but not yet serviced. I signed a form which places a hold on it for me, so that we get to test it as soon as they've cleaned it up and looked it over. IF it's any good, we get first crack at it.

There's no obligation, of course, but it looked like a diamond in the rough ... so we'll see in a few days if it's a worthy addition to the conglomeration of vehicles in my driveway.

The ladies are planning another shopping expedition today, but I get nothing out of visiting the mall (shudder). I'm not sure what the day will hold, but I'd bet something will present itself before long.

Y'all have a wonderful Sunday, and thanks for stopping by.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I hope the Explorer is a good find for your wife. We are a Ford family here (at least hubby and I). Our son he's a Chevy and GMC man.

Stay warm when going out, I know once you get a chill it's hard to get rid of. A nice warm fire place with hot chocolate will help :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, we're Ford folks, too. The Explorer would actually be for me, and she'd drive the little Escape. Or we may just wait & get something a bit newer in a few more months of saving. Thanks!

Stephen said...

Me, GMC...I'm on my third since 1973. But, having said that I will probably turn to Ford hereafter. My favorite brand of truck has been tainted.

Rev. Paul said...

Understood & agreed, Stephen. I will not buy a product of Gov't Motors, no matter what.

Chickenmom said...

I'm with you there - I'd rather look at used cars & trucks than go to a mall - never did like to go shopping.
Best 4 by I ever owned? My Ford Bronco - kept it until it literally fell apart. I've had my Jeepster for 13 now.

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, I've had a half-dozen 4x4s, and each had its charm & idiosyncrasies, so I understand. :)