06 September 2013

Full Moon Over Kodiak (updated)

A guy from northern California was allegedly drunk & disorderly in the Kodiak airport. When State troopers tried to arrest him, he dropped his trousers - flashing what Jay Leno refers to as his "buttockal area" - and then "challenged them to fight."

The copyright AP story is here.

* * * * *

Regarding the SWAT team-style EPA raid on the small scale mining camps in the Fortymile Park area:  the comments I hear at work and on the street are running about 50 to 1 against the EPA's version of events.

The EPA's original story from the Drudge Report (which I can't find, this morning) alleged drug deals and human trafficking allegations.

UPDATE: Not Drudge. Here's the link - http://www.alaskadispatch.com/article/20130903/gold-miners-near-chicken-cry-foul-over-heavy-handed-epa-raids

This allegation against some dozen or so one- or two-man mining operations, scattered along several miles of the large creek, in the middle of the wilderness ... yeah, right.

It doesn't pass the sniff test.

* * * * *

I keep expecting to see snow on the nearby peaks to the east, any day now. It's probably just a bit too soon: our temps remain somewhat above average, but with lows in the mid-40s overnight, that won't last much longer.

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Have a great Friday!


Max said...

Not sure I want 40's just yet, but a night temp of 64 would be perfect. It would keep the fan from humming me to sleep for once.

Rev. Paul said...

Max, barring a strange warm spell, we probably won't see mid-60s again until next year - and will have snow on the ground before the end of October.

Matt said...

Do you remember what day you saw the Drudge report?

Rev. Paul said...

Matt - found the link. It was in the Alaska Dispatch blog: http://www.alaskadispatch.com/article/20130903/gold-miners-near-chicken-cry-foul-over-heavy-handed-epa-raids

Matt said...

Heh, I just found it as well via a cached copy on drudge via Google.

Good deal, glad you found it.