27 January 2014

You Know It's Coming

Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo of WeatherBell Analytics and editor of http://www.icecap.us says that, as the President addresses the nation on Tuesday, every State will have freezing temperatures and parts or all of 27 States will be below zero.

All this is occurring as President Barack Obama is anticipated to talk about “climate change”, a warming Earth, during his Tuesday State of the Union speech. He will be speaking to the idiots who still think the Earth is warming because they are too stupid or lazy to ask why it is so cold. 

~ Alan Caruba, A Very Cold Reality


PioneerPreppy said...

See now I don't think the global warming sect of the Gia Worshiping denomination of the glorious Multi-Cult religion are stupid or lazy. Quite simply they hate themselves and everyone like them and global warming is the most efficient way for them to hate themselves and justify doing so. Facts do not matter. It is a death cult taken to it's logical and ultimate conclusion and on such a scale that no data or information can shake their faith. With this religious dogma they can attack those who are most like them and perhaps uplift those who are least like them who will then take their place as the green masters of a harmonious planet.

That takes some creative thinking and a lot of brainpower to come up with.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, I agree with you. Mr. Caruba is talking about the listening public as being "too stupid or lazy to ask why it is so cold."

The proponents of the theory are as you say. Unfortunately.

denimflyz said...

Gosh, the last time I looked at the calender, it was January, and by my standards, its Winter yet or did I miss something!!!
In fact, a few days ago, it was 56* on two days in a row. For us in Nebraska, this is somewhat unusual. We usually have blizzards, and below zero's into the -20* F or lower for air temp and with a wind chill, into the -30 to -35*. We do not have any snow, just a few skiffs of snow showers.
I am finding, even around here, people are wussies. My idea of cold and a wussy's cold are two different things. Back in the day, in the 60's, when I was young and walking to school, I remember winter starting in September and not letting up until sometime in May and sometimes June with snow, and it was cold. Now, everyone whines about cold.

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed; cold weather used to be called Winter - but now it's apparently a freak of nature or something.

And you're right: everyone whines a lot more than they used to.

joated said...

It's not about climate change. It's all about control.

Rev. Paul said...

Quite right, sadly enough.

Cathy said...

Joated got it right.
I know a research scientist who has posted this piece on his door: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/01/26/the-pause-of-global-warming-risks-destroying-the-reputation-of-science/

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, Cathy. It's sad but true.