05 April 2014

A Couple of Tired Puppies

My wife and I, that is.

We moved furniture on the second floor (large bookshelves, DVD cabinet, fireplace/mantel, home theater system, four lawn chairs*, dining table and those four chairs ... emptied the bathroom, taped what needed to be taped, removed all the outlet & switch covers.

Then we painted. I did the edging & cutting in, and my lovely wife grabbed the roller. See? I told you she's smarter than I am. :) Then we moved all the furniture to the other side of the living room, and finished that last 25 percent.

We just finished putting a few things back together, and found out the carpet layers will be Monday morning. So all the furniture that we moved twice today gets moved again tomorrow, stacked in the kitchen and bathroom, and the dining table disassembled & carried down to the garage.

Monday night, we reverse the process. Meanwhile, I'll go by the furniture store on Monday afternoon to schedule delivery of the new sofa & recliner.

We're tired. See you tomorrow, time permitting - and thanks for stopping by.

* We're sitting on lawn chairs until the new sofa arrives. Beats sitting in the floor. :)


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

It sounds like this room is going to look amazing when totally done, and the new furniture is in.

Now go relax you two!!!

Old NFO said...

LOL, I'd STILL be on lawn chairs... :-)

Cathy said...

You two are an inspiration!
I just vacuumed the winter's worth of food crumbs and stray vitamin pills out from under the couch cushions ;)

Anonymous said...

And here I was expecting pictures of dogs!

Rest from your vacation...


Peter said...

Apropos of nothing, did you enjoy Maxwell Vol. 3?

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, the upstairs does look nicer already, and by Tuesday will bear little resemblance to its former self, except in layout. Thanks.

I hear you, NFO - they look awfully inviting about now. But we're not done yet, dang it.

Cathy, what we are is achy, with lots of sore bits. Simply vacuuming under the cushions would have been a lot easier ... if we had any cushions under which to vacuum, at present.

Guffaw, I figured somebody would say that. Thanks! :)

Peter, it's a great read! What I wrote here earlier was, "It's a polished & solidly-constructed third installment in his Maxwell saga which is the best one yet."

threecollie said...

Hard work! I know of what you speak as some of our offspring are thinking of migrating back to the nest. My how the rooms they emptied have filled with clutter. Got a huge grin from your new header. How excellent!

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie, I hear you. Our older daughter's stuff filled the 1st floor of their new place - and that was all in her bedroom, here. :)