27 September 2014

A Short Drive in the Mountains

We headed north this time, and stopped first at the Arctic Valley Ski Resort.

At a wide spot in the road, on the way up.


Looking 80 miles to the west toward the the snow-covered Tordrillo Mtns (10,300 ft elevation at highest point) to the left, and Mt. Susitna (the "Sleeping Lady", 4,000 ft, 40 miles west) on the right.
A closer view of the Tordrillos

A view toward the east, still heading uphill

the snow-covered peak in the distance, from the above picture

Later, we stopped at a favorite place: The Pizza Man in Eagle River.

When you're on the road, you must have road food. :)

After lunch, we drove on to Palmer, up the Old Glenn Highway through the farm country, and explored some back roads. Nothing beats a drive through mountain country with my wife for conversation. It was a good day.

And now, to put my feet up and watch Doctor Who.

Come to think of it, it was a very good day!


Chickenmom said...

Mountains and pizza - can't get any better than that!

Rob said...

Rev. Thanks for sharing your travels. It always nice to see other parts of the US or world through the eyes of others.

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, I have to agree!

Rob - you're welcome. Glad you liked it. :)

Old NFO said...

Outstanding! :-) And taking a 'play day' is a great idea! We ALL need to do that every once in a while!

Rev. Paul said...

NFO - yes, we do. Ours have been too few lately, so we finally just said, "Let's go." :)