13 November 2014

Kodiak Residents Advised to Lock Their Drawers, Er, Doors

There's an underwear bandit on the loose!

There's an underwear bandit on the loose in Kodiak, and Alaska State Troopers are reminding residents to lock their doors.

In the past week, troopers have received a string of reports of burglaries, criminal trespassing and theft, according to a trooper dispatch. Residents say they have returned home to find someone had rifled through or stolen various items. In some cases, the thief took women's underwear, the report said.

Troopers said they believe the cases are connected. While investigating the reports, troopers heard that other Kodiak residents had experienced similar crimes in recent months but did not call law enforcement, the dispatch said.

Kodiak, a quaint little town with a panty-raid problem


Old NFO said...

Check the fishing boats that pulled in... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Good point, NFO - it seems unlikely that a local suddenly decided to go on a panty raid, eh?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Must be outsiders looking for clean underwear after landing on runway 25.

Rev. Paul said...


joated said...

Hell of a distance to go for a panty raid!

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, joated. I think NFO's onto something, above.