05 November 2014

Where We Stand, Today

I know you can get some of this from the national news, but here goes:

U.S. Senate - no decision yet. Sullivan (R) leads Begich (D) by about 8,150 votes, but Begich refuses to concede.  Note: There are some 10,000 more than 20,000 absentee/early/contested ballots to be counted, and that could take two weeks.

U.S. Representative - Don Young (R) won handily.

Governor - The Parnell/Sullivan (R/R) ticket trails the so-called "unity ticket" of Walker/Mallott (R/D) ticket by about 2,100 votes. No decision yet.

Legalize marijuana - passed with a 52% majority.

Raise the minimum wage - passed with a nearly 69% majority.

Require legislative approval for any new large-scale mining operation - passed by 65% margin.

Repeal Anchorage's labor law - passed by nearly 54%.

And now I'm going to stop typing. I took part in a marathon guitar jam last night, but hadn't played in about three weeks ... and my fingers hurt.


PioneerPreppy said...

It was a Republican wave here in central Mo. Only the Blue enclaves of KC, St. Louis and Columbia had any real Democrat victories.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, that's usually the way it goes. Our biggest frustration was always that the entire state would vote conservative, and then StL & KC would throw it the other way.