26 January 2015


-2° at the ol' homestead, and most of the way to work, too. Some low-lying clouds kept us from getting as cold as predicted, but I see some -10 and -12 readings on the east side of town. And it's dropped to -4 now, in the pre-dawn chill that begins a couple of hours before sunrise.

And that doesn't include the dense fog I drove through, part of the way here. It's always fun when the headlights frost over, mid-drive. At least with the block heater and the blast furnace under the dash, there's no problem keeping the windows clear from the get-go.

This truck was originally sold in Fairbanks, and the heater will drive you out, if you don't turn the temp cooler after a couple of miles. The Expedition had a great heater, but it took forever to get warmed up all the way. This one is much faster.

And in Alaska, a quick source of heat comes in pretty handy. :)


Rob said...

My son bought a 99 Ford Sable that has as a heater that blows air for the depths of hell, while our 01 Olds Silhouette is not that great, after all its a Fla car.....LOL

Rev. Paul said...

Rob - you're cracking me up!

Cathy said...

"Blast furnace". Funny :) And I'll bet they're a lot of people on the east coast that'll wish they had blast furnaces in the next 24 hours.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Cathy. Since a majority of us here have four-wheel-drive vehicles with studded snow tires, not much slows us down. I can tell you with personal experience that a non-functioning heater is one thing that will.